How You Get a Boyfriend to Leave His Other Woman

How you get a boyfriend to leave his other woman is what you may be asking yourself when you’ve caught your man cheating on you.  You’re afraid to lose him, you don’t want to stay with her, but most importantly, you’re his girlfriend so you have every right to keep him!

There are lots of cases where men have an affair with another woman.  But when it comes to how you get a boyfriend to leave this other woman, then there are a few things you need to do:

1.  You’ve already lost him in a way, so what you need to do is win him back.  What you can do is hold on to your confidence, no matter how hard it is, and let him know that you can manage on your own.  If you fall apart, then he’ll find the other woman even more attractive than you.  He will take advantage of you if he sees that you’re afraid of losing him.

2.  Find out what happened to your relationship that caused him to stray.  Maybe the two of you haven’t been spending enough time together.  Maybe the passion is gone or the relationship just got too secure.  When you get to the bottom of the problem, then you can figure out how to fix it.

3.  You know that he made a mistake leaving you for that other woman.  However, convincing him with words is not enough.  He may be expecting you to fall apart, so do the opposite.  Show him that you can handle the rejection.  Remind him that you are the strong woman he fell in love with, then he might start to wonder why he’s with this other woman and not with you.

4.  Instead of creating a plan, some women will react to their emotions.  This is one thing you would want to avoid.  Don’t think that it’s all over.  If you’re really stubborn and want his back, then don’t run away and let the other girl have him.  Don’t be the weak woman who just admitted defeat.

5.  Is this woman attractive?  Maybe, but you know you’re way better in the looks department.  So show him that.  You may have felt that the relationship was too secure so you stopped dressing for success.  Now is the time to remind your man that you’re still an A+ in the looks department.

6.  A man’s wants and needs can sometimes be different.  He may need a woman to be there for him, someone to talk to and share his troubles with and someone confident and can take care of herself.  But they also want a woman to need them, to make them feel good about themselves, and someone they can share a laugh with.  Instead of just being what he needs, you also need to be what he wants.

7.  Carefully plan what you are going to say or do.  You want him to know that you still have self-respect, but you won’t be able to prove this if you lash out to him or the other woman.  If you prove to him that you are mature enough to handle this situation, that even if you’re hurting you still manage to pull yourself together, then he will be impressed.  He might even realize that being with this other woman is a mistake.

When it comes to how you get a boyfriend back from his other woman, it is not impossible.  You just need to be careful with what you do and what you say.  Don’t get too emotional and remind him that you are his girlfriend.  If anyone gets to keep him, it’s you.



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