Find a Boyfriend and Make Him Crazy about You

Are you tired of being single and would like find a boyfriend?  Or maybe you’re finally over your previous relationship and are ready to move on.  But finding a boyfriend is just part of the part – you also want to make him crazy about you.

Let’s take it one step at a time.  To find a boyfriend, here are a few things you need to do:

  • Don’t jump ahead to the future.  If you’re over 30 and feel like time’s running out, stop!  Men can usually detect women who are desperate to have kids.  If you’re already thinking about the color of your kid’s nursery, then you better take a step back.  So remember, no baby talk.
  • You need to be realistic.  We all want good-looking men, but don’t expect all of them to look like your celebrity dream guy.  Also, if you want a long term relationship, then stop the money hunt.  Men can also tell if you’re only after their looks and their wallet and not their personality.  A successful relationship depends on love and how two people treat each other, not on cash and looks.
  • Are you emotionally healthy?  If you want to find a boyfriend, then you need to be ready to be in a relationship.  You can’t just go hunting for a man just because you’re afraid to be alone or because all of your girlfriends have a boyfriend and you don’t.  You’re after the real deal, not a fling.
  • Do not talk about your ex when you’re on a first date.  This is a very important first date rule.  If you talk about your ex and still thinks he’s great, then your date might feel that he will never measure up.  But if you put your ex down, then the guy you’re dating might think “that could be me in a few months!”
  • It’s better if you put off being intimate – at least for the first few dates.  Experts say that before you commit your entire body, make sure that the guy is at least ready to commit a part of himself or his soul.  This way, you’re sure that this is operating not on lust, but on love.
  • Now let’s say things went well and you managed to find a boyfriend.  It’s time to figure out how to make him crazy about you and make him realize that you’re a keeper.
  • You need to be comfortable with who you are.  Men like confident women and he found that confidence in you otherwise he wouldn’t be with you now.  Hold on to that self-esteem.
  • The flirting doesn’t have to end.  You can still plan surprises for him, make him work to get your affection, and play coy.  A relationship can get boring if you’re too complacent.
  • Men like to feel needed.  This doesn’t mean that you need to be clingy.  Yes, you’re a confident woman who can stand on your own.  But don’t push your man aside and make him feel that you don’t need him for anything.
  • You work hard at your career and you work hard to make sure that you have time for your friends.  So it only goes to show that you should also work hard at your relationship.
  • Remember that if you want your relationship to last, then it’s not enough to find a boyfriend.  You also need to think of ways make it last.  You need to analyze and understand how this could work in order to be in a healthy relationship.

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