How to Get My Ex Back – Do I Still Have a Chance?

It’s natural for someone to think about “how to get my ex back” when a relationship ends.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of.  Someone you love walked out of your life and all you can think of is getting them back.

If you’re thinking about “how to get my ex back,” then you’re also plagued with the thought of whether or not you have a chance of getting your ex back.

But then you find yourself thinking these thoughts:

“What if I messed up so bad they’d never come to me?”

“What if I can’t fix this?”

“What if there’s no chance I could get my ex back?”

These are the kinds of you shouldn’t entertain because you will only end up being an emotional wreck.  Yes, your ex left you.  But sulking and thinking negative thoughts won’t bring them back to you.  It’s better to accept the mistakes you’ve done and forgive yourself so you can move on from them.  If you only entertain negative thoughts, then you would never win back your ex.

What are the chances of getting an ex back?

There’s always a chance for you to get your ex back.  There are, however, a few ‘don’ts you need to remember:

  • Don’t beg, plead, or ask desperate
  • Don’t even think about calling your ex right after the breakup
  • Don’t play the blame game with your ex

One thing you need to think about and be careful of is going out and doing something that will make your situation worse.  An example would be going on another relationship for the wrong reasons.  You will ruin your chances if you set a date with anyone just so you can get back at your ex and make him or her jealous.

To better your chances, what you can do is maintain a distance for a while.  Let your partner miss you.  You can also look for signs that your ex still loves you.  If your ex keeps saying that breaking up with you is a huge mistake, then there’s a spark of hope.  Or maybe your ex kept making plans to meet you or he/she started calling you again.  It’s possible that your ex does miss you and the thought of getting back together has crossed his/her mind.

Another thing you need to remember is that men and women have different things they miss after a breakup.  Men miss the admiration and attention as well as how a woman gives it to him.  If he is seeing someone new, the attention he gets will be different and he will end up comparing this to the way his ex gives him attention.  The women, on the other hand, miss loyalty and appreciation.  There will be a great big void in her life if the security and loyalty her man provided is suddenly removed.

How is this relevant?

When it comes to “how to get my ex back,” you need to know what it is your ex would miss most.  You need to find out what your ex misses the most about you otherwise, you will never get him/her back.


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