How to Get a Guy to Kiss You – 4 Tricks Every Woman Should Know

Do you want to know how to get a guy to kiss you?  You’ve been going out with his guy for quite a while now and you really like him.  Woman’s intuition tells you that the attraction is mutual.  Unfortunately, he’s too much of a gentleman.  He opens doors for you, picks you up and drops you off at your door, smile a lot, then tells you he had a great time and leaves…without a kiss!

There’s nothing wrong with a guy who wants to open doors and pull out chairs for you.  But come on, how about that kiss?  How do you get a guy to kiss you?

What you need to remember is that not all guys have the bravado to just go up to a girl and kiss her.  Some are actually quite shy and awkward even though they want to kiss you real bad.  Don’t worry though there are tricks on how you can get him to kiss you.

Position and proximity

When you’re sitting next to him, you need to consider your position.  Sometimes it’s better if you’re sitting down so that when you move your face towards his, there will be no awkward maneuvering.  If he’s a shy guy, then he would feel like the gap between your face is the longest gap in the world.

Move in a little closer

Try not to stand an arm’s length way when you’re standing next or in front of the guy after your date.  Move closer to him and into his space.  Even if you’re sitting down, find an excuse to move closer to him.  Moving in closer is like telling him that you don’t mind the close proximity at all and that little space between the two of you doesn’t bother you at all.  It’s also a great way to warm him up.

A little touch goes a long way

Throughout your conversation, don’t forget to touch him.  But try not to be too obvious by placing your hand on his knee and start to rub it.  What you can do instead is touch him on the arm every now and then.  You can also move your fingers closer to his in the point where you’re almost touching him.  That way, the atmosphere will cozy and warm and he will be more at ease.

Eye contact and smiling

Maintaining eye contact and smiling is a great way to get a guy to kiss you.  Make sure your smile is inviting and not just any ordinary smile.  Your mouth and eyes should be speaking in volumes.  Look him in the eyes, give him a lingering kiss on the cheeks, pull away, then look up into his eyes.  Hold his gaze as you smile at him.

If you want to get a guy to kiss you, then you shouldn’t be afraid to give him hints.  Remember that he could just be shy and feeling terribly awkward so it’s up to you to warm him up to the idea.


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