What is the Secret to Getting Your Girlfriend Back?

What is the secret to getting your girlfriend back?  You and your girl seem to be doing great then you noticed that things started to fall apart.  Or maybe you made a mistake that made her walk away from you.

You lost her and now all you can think about is getting your girlfriend back.  But she seemed so angry you wonder if it’s still possible.  You wonder if there’s still a chance she’ll ever come back to you.

How to get her back

When she tells you she wants to break up, you can’t believe it.  You want to beg her to stay, reason with her and do whatever it takes to convince not to leave you.

That’s the problem.  You end up begging, you let your emotions get in the way and now you look like a weak man who is so dependent on his partner he couldn’t stand to be alone.

The secret to getting her back

You need to agree with the breakup.  Tell her that you think she’s right and that it’s best for both of you to have your space.  Tell her you’re sorry for hurting her and that you never meant for it to happen.  Then tell her that you will respect her privacy and that you will keep your distance from her.

It’s possible she would be caught off guard.  She might even think “wait, what?”  She wasn’t expecting that.  She might be expecting you to break down and beg her to stay.  She wasn’t expecting you to be so calm and mature about it.

But there you are, all calm and composed.  Yes, it broke your heart to watch her go but at least you didn’t give her the impression that you were a weak man who couldn’t live without her.  Instead, you gave her the impression that you are a strong and mature individual who can accept their mistakes.  In other words, reverse psychology is your ammo.

What next?

Obviously, you would be depressed that she’s sad.  You love her so that’s only natural.  Losing her is like having a big gaping whole in your heart.  However, dwelling on these negative feelings won’t do you any good because sooner or later you would give in to them.  If you give in to your emotions, then you will end up doing a couple of breakup mistakes.

  • Showering her with gifts
  • Forgetting the no contact rule and pestering her with phone calls and emails
  • Saying you’re sorry and telling her that you still love her
  • Begging her to come back and trying to convince her that you’ve changed
  • Being too nice to her because you’re desperate for her to like you again

Remember that you can’t persuade yourself back into a relationship.  Sure, you can argue yourself out of a relationship, especially if you knew or caught your partner doing something wrong like cheating on you.  But logically persuading yourself back into one or arguing with your ex about why you should be let back in is not going to work.

The secret to getting your girlfriend back is let things be for now.  Basically, it’s reverse psychology and following the rules of the breakup.  You need to respect her space, show her that you’re composed and mature enough to accept the situation, and take things slow.


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