How to Get Over a Marriage Breakup and Cope with the Pain

How to get over a marriage breakup is never easy.  It’s difficult to go through any breakup but then again, this isn’t just any breakup.  This is marriage and the longer you’ve been together, the more difficult it will be regardless of how prepared you are.

Even if you know that the relationship is no longer good, it still hurts that the two of you split up.  You feel the loss of the relationship as well as the commitment and dreams you and your partner shared.  If you want to know how to get over a marriage breakup, then you’re going to have to face your grief and stress.

There are two scenarios here:

1. Your partner ended the relationship

If your partner is the one who initiated the breakup, then you will be in shock.  You will also be left with such conflicting emotions like bitterness, hurt, and anxiety.  You won’t be able to think straight because you couldn’t believe this happened to you.  It’s going to take to heal but just remember that you need to mourn and face the grief in order to move on.

2. You ended the relationship

So you finally feel like you’ve had enough.  It’s still not easy, is it?  You’ve gone through it in your head so many times but you still find it painful to let go.  However, since you’ve made this important decision and you’ve planned ahead, dealing with the breakup will be more manageable but the pain will still be there.

Seek advice

As mentioned, this is not just a romantic relationship.  A marriage breakup may take longer because there are other factors to consider such as laws, custody of your kids, etc.  It really is a stressful time to go through which is why you shouldn’t go through it alone.

Right now, your emotions are in turmoil.  You’re sad, hurt, angry, resentful, and it’s just too much to take in.  It’s best to get advice from someone who is objective like your friends and family or even a therapist.  No matter what you do or what you decide on, your loved ones will be there to support you.

There are times when you’ll be stuck with these emotions which is why you need to find an objective person.  He or she can help you see when you are feeling bitter, sad, or even have the urge for revenge.  They can help you calm down and realize that feeling such emotions is natural.

How to move on

You have to try and move on once the divorce papers have been signed and everything was finalized.  It doesn’t matter if you initiated the breakup or if you were the one who got dumped, in the end you still need to cope with it.

Learning how to get over a marriage breakup means that you have to face reality.  In other words, you need to grieve because if you tell yourself that you’re fine when you’re obviously not, then you are only prolonging the pain.  You need to stop blaming yourself and your partner and tell yourself that it had to be done.


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