Get Ex Girlfriend Back – 8 Signs You’re a Needy Boyfriend

If you want to get an ex girlfriend back then one of the things that would really turn her off would be a desperate and clingy man.  Everyone can be guilty of this especially after a breakup.  Your self-esteem could be in shreds and you may be acting needy without even realizing it.

To get ex girlfriend back, learn the 8 signs you’re being a desperate ex boyfriend.

1. You’re always trying to contact her

You can’t stand being away from her so you kept trying to contact her even if you knew she wants to be left alone for now.  You kept breaking the no contact rule and ruining your chances of getting her back.  If you think that the constant calls and text messages will convince her that you still want her, you’re wrong.  The only thing this will do is annoy her even more.

2. You’re available all the time

It’s like you’ve got nothing better to do than wait for her to call you back.  You need to have a life of your own.  This will only make you look less attractive and even less desirable.

3. You always need to be reassured

When you were still together, were you always fishing for compliments?  Maybe your girl got tired of trying to boost your ego.  Well, she’s not going to boost your ego now so maybe you need to do some self reflections and change this particular habit.  You’ll have to find ways on how to be more confident.

4. You kept buying her gifts

Buying her gifts may be a sweet gesture but after a breakup, she may not be so thrilled to get anything from you.  At least, not right away.  This gesture is nice once in a while but if it became a constant thing, then it will lose its meaning and she might even think you’re trying to buy her into coming back to you.

5. Spying on her

Was this a habit of yours even when you’re still together?  Do you keep spying on her, looking at her Facebook account, trying to find out where she’s been and who she’s been with?  Even now, when you’ve broken up, you still spy on her.  Not a good idea and it’s another habit you need to change.  She may have gotten fed up with you constantly trying to butt into her life.

6. You’re not giving her space

As mentioned, the no contact rule is essential in every breakup.  She wants her space and you need to respect that.  So showing up at her doorstep is not a good idea if you’ve recently broken up.  She won’t welcome you back with open arms.  In fact, she might even slam the door at your face.

7. She becomes the center of your life

Do you even have a social life right now or is she all you care about?  Yes, you still love her.  But it doesn’t mean you can’t have friends.  You need to go out and stop making her the center of your universe.

8. You’re being too nice

You may be guilty of being too nice to her.  While there’s nothing wrong with being a nice guy, being too nice or too accommodating to all her wishes could mean that she lost interest in you because she doesn’t think you’re being sincere anymore.

If you want to get ex girlfriend back, then you’re going to have to stop being a desperate ex boyfriend.  Learn from your mistakes so that you can have a better chance of winning back your girl.


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