How Do You Get Over a Breakup – 5 Signs You’re with the Wrong Person

How do you get over a breakup?  One way is to determine whether or not you were with the right person.  Sometimes the pain of the breakup blinds us from the truth.  You think that just because you were with this person for years that you need to make it work even though you were always miserable.

True, it’s hard to let go of a serious relationship that went on for years.  But if you’re asking yourself “how do you get over a breakup,” then you need to be honest with yourself and find out if you’re ex is the wrong person for you.

How do you find out if you’re with the wrong person?

1. You were abused

This doesn’t just refer to physical abuse.  Being abused mentally and emotionally is quite common in relationships.  You may not realize it but maybe you were mentally or emotionally abused.  Your ex doesn’t respect you, keeps telling you that you messed up, hurts you and kept fighting with you, threatens you if you try to leave them, etc.

2. Your ex avoids commitment

If your ex is afraid of commitment and avoids it any way they can then it’s going to be very hard to be in a relationship with them.  It can be unpredictable being in a relationship with them because they always have one foot out the door and it’s like they can bolt any day.  You can’t really count on them because you never know when they would leave.  If your ex seemed like the type to not let you leave your belongings in their place or doesn’t like talking about the future then it’s likely they have commitment problems.

3. Your friends don’t approve of your relationship

We often get mad at our friends for not understanding what we’re going through.  But what we fail to see is that even though they may not truly grasp what’s going on with our lives and our personal pains, they just don’t want to see us get hurt.  If your friends don’t approve of your relationship then there may be something wrong with your ex and you just can’t see it.  After all, your friends care about you so they can see things in your relationship that you’re too blind – or refuse – to see.

4.  Staying together has a lot of disadvantages

You can try to list down the pros and cons about staying together.  If the advantages of staying together outweigh the advantages then maybe you need to move on and get over this breakup.  It hurts to lose someone you love but if breaking up has more advantages that staying together then you need to be logical and try to do the right thing.

5. Don’t ignore the truth

How do you get over a breakup?  You need to listen to your instincts and don’t ignore the truth.  That little voice inside your head may telling you that this breakup is the right thing to do and you need to listen to it.  Deep down you already know that this relationship is not meant to be and you’re with the wrong person and you should not ignore that truth.

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