How to Get a Man Back When You Messed Up and Hurt Him

How to Get a Man Back When You Messed Up and Hurt HimAsking yourself “how to get a man back?”  You know you messed up and you just want to make things right.  All you want right now is to get the man you love back in your life.

When it comes to “how to get a man back,” what are the steps you need to take?

1. Stop caring what people think

There are people who like to drill the fact that you were wrong and that it’s your fault the relationship ended.  You need to stay away from these people and stop caring what they think.  You know it’s your fault and you’re sorry about what’s happened.  You don’t need anymore negativity in your life because this will only bring you down and make you even more miserable.

2. Admit that it’s your fault

You never meant to hurt him and you know you messed up.  The best you can do is to give him a sincere apology and hopefully he’ll understand that you never meant for this to happen.  Don’t expect him to forgive you right there and then.  He may need time and you need to respect that.

3. Back off

When the two of you are talking about what’s happened, you may be eager to point out your side of the story.  But when things are getting a little heated, you need to learn when to back off to avoid further arguments.  Remember, if you hurt him, he may not be too inclined to listen to reason so you’re to have to give him time.  Let him rant and rave and when he’s calmed down you can try talking again.

4. Don’t try too hard

Sometimes, when we hurt someone and messed up, we tend to try too hard to get back on that person’s good graces.  What happens then?  You become too nice and you agree to everything he says just so he would forgive you.  You give him power over you.  You’ve already apologized so you don’t have to try too hard just to get him to forgive you.  Don’t sacrifice your individuality or dignity because he might take you for granted.

5. Regain your confidence

Being confident is hard when you’re feeling down.  But if you want to get him back, then assertiveness and self-confidence are essential because it’s attractive to people.  You need to be sure of yourself and realize that yes, you made mistakes and you’re paying for it.  You’ve admitted to your mistakes and you’ve learned from them and in the end, you emerged as a stronger individual.

6. Move on with your life

One way to show that you’re able to regain your self-esteem is to move on with your life.  Start doing things you enjoy doing and hang out with your friends.  It’s not healthy to always think about the relationship especially if it’s bringing you down.  You’re not going to re-attract him if you act all mopey.

How to get a man back after you messed up?  It’s all about how you deal with the situation.  You need to be aware of your mistakes and be prepared to make positive changes to show him that you still care for him.  You also need to regain your confidence so that you won’t end up trying to hard to win back his affections or acting all desperate because you want him back so badly.


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