How Do I Get My Husband Back after He Leaves Me?

How do I get my husband back after he leaves me?  Marriage is hard and sometimes, things just fall apart.  But it doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve a second chance.

If you’re wondering “how do I get my husband back,” here are a few things you need to remember.

1. Tell him you’re sorry and that you miss him

If you’ve said hurtful things to him when he left then you need to apologize for them.  Tell him you’re sorry for your mistake and if he left because of you, tell him that you never meant for this to happen.  Let him know that you miss him and that you wish things could be better between the two of you.

2. Give him time

You’re feeling hurt because he left you and didn’t seem inclined of going back to you even if you apologized to him.  That’s understandable because emotional wounds don’t heal in one day.  You need to give him time to think things through.  Maybe he just needs more time to pull himself together.

3. Don’t be negative

Don’t dwell on your negative feelings and think that he’s never coming back.  As mentioned, perhaps he just needs more time.  If you beg him or nag him into coming back to you then he’s only going to pull away.  Don’t make any ultimatums because that would only make things work.  You can’t demand him or force him to come back to you.

4. See yourself through his eyes

What were his complaints about you?  Did you refuse to listen to him and told him he’s crazy for thinking such things?  Did you deny that you’re that kind of person?  Perhaps it’s time to look at yourself through his eyes.  You need to be honest with yourself and find out what you need to do to become a better person.  Saying sorry isn’t enough sometimes.  You also need to prove to him that you want him back and one of the best ways to do that is to improve yourself.

5. Agree with him

You don’t want this divorce or separation but if this is what he needs then you need to learn to agree with him.  Perhaps he just needs some time to think things through and take care of himself for a while.  Agreeing with him and letting him go is a sign that you really love him because only needy women would hold on to their husbands.  He will appreciate it and remember it.  He will then know that you really do care about him.

6. Connect and communicate

How do I get my husband back?  The two of you should connect and communicate.  You are talking a lot and are meeting with each other.  You talk about your marriage and what went wrong.  That’s good because it gives you the chance to communicate and reconnect.  Communication is important in any relationship and if you don’t talk things through then how can things be better between the two of you?

Love is patient and kind but its also complicated. If you want to do it the right way there’s a way…head to and love better with Ashley Kay.



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