How to Get a Girl You Like to Notice You

Wondering how to get a girl you like to notice you?  Does she even know you exist?  Would she even give you the time of day if you talked to her?

Approaching a girl can be intimidating.  There’s always that fear of rejection.  But then again, you can’t keep admiring her from afar if you really like her.  If you want to know how to get a girl you like to notice you then here’s what you need to do:

1. Dress smart

If you look like a slob then you’re not going to score points with her.  You should at least make the effort to dress well and make sure that what you wear looks good on you.  If blue brings out the color of your eyes then wear a blue shirt.  She’ll notice things like that.  Plus, if you look clean and dress well then she knows that you can groom and take care of yourself.

2. Have a life

Real women have self-worth and a sense of purpose.  They value themselves and they have goals.  If she sees you being a slob, unemployed, all alone and looking like you’re down to your last penny, then it’s telling her that you’re lazy and have no life.  Guys like that would cling and depend on their women and that’s very unattractive.  If you want her to notice you then you need to appear confident and make it look like you’re having a great time with the people around you.

3. Smile and make eye contact

If you want her to notice, then smile and try to make eye contact.  You need to get over your shyness and lock eyes with her for a second when that window of opportunity opens.  You’re not going to get her attention if you can’t even catch her eye.  But don’t stare at her for too long because that’s just creepy.  But if you glance at her every now and then she’ll start to get curious and wonder what’s on your mind.

4. Bump into her occasionally

Be sure that you bump into her occasionally or at least hang out at her usual hangouts, whether it’s in that restaurant or the cafeteria in your office.  Bring your friends along so that you won’t look like a stalker sulking in the corner or a loser who doesn’t have any friends.  If she sees you often then you’ll become a familiar face.  You never know, she might start to get curious and talk to you.

6. Do something bold

Is she into karaoke?  Well how about going up there and let others hear your singing talent.  Hey, you can’t be shy all the time.  If you want to catch her attention then you need to do something that would GET her attention.

5. Confidence

Of course, confidence is essential when it comes to how to get a girl you like to notice you.  If you’re always slouching and looking completely out of place then she might not give you a second glance.  But if you stand straight and walk and talk with confidence then you would surely get her attention.

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